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Text relationship: a waste of time meaningless impersonal relationship usually involving one party who is cowardly and defers to text messaging for their communication.
We have a great textationship
by Juls Taylor June 09, 2010
Any place you don't want to be.
I am traveling to douchebagistan.
by Juls Taylor June 11, 2010
Ambiguous group with unknown special powers or knowledge that someone refers to for the purpose of intimidation.
I am going to call the Authorities...
by Juls Taylor June 09, 2010
anything done cheap or half-ass
He RamenNoodled his proposal.
by Juls Taylor June 11, 2010
When an ex tries to take over your Starbucks location making it uncomfortable for you to hang out there anymore.
Wayne has pulled a Starbucks Bogart
by Juls Taylor June 11, 2010
to send out a random text to someone in hope of hearing from them and re-establishing a relationship
He sent me a poker text so I will call him.
by Juls Taylor June 12, 2010
garage sale filled with decorative items
My designer is having a gayrage sale.
by Juls Taylor June 11, 2010

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