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A Gorillian is, simply, one million Gorillas. The term was first coined by Jane Goodall as she was doing her research on primates. As she came across each Gorilla, she realized it would be most difficult to count the number of Gorillas she would be studying. That night Gorillian was invented.
Did you hear that Gorillas have been removed from the endangered species list? They just reached a Gorillian!
by Julius Eagon November 14, 2007
A Lincony is essentially an Abe Lincoln Pony. It is similiar to a centaur other than the fact that a Lincony has the body of a Pony and the head of our very own 16th President: Top Hat, Honest Abe, and All. The adjective "yummy" is added because the Lincony has the allure of a delicious meal.
I must have been hallucinating on mind-altering drugs because I could have sworn I just saw a Yummy Lincony!
by Julius Eagon November 14, 2007

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