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Behaving in a cold or unforgiving way due to angst, a hangup or some bogus morality or propriety.
1. He got up tight about me smoochin' with his woman and sulked about it until the wine smoothed things out and we decided the bitch wasn't worth the trouble.

2. The pigs were really up tight about their missing squad car, but Jimmy was no snitch.
by Jubilation T. Corndoq March 21, 2007
Tight fitting, high top shoes or boots (such as romeo shoes) worn by "Teddy Boy" hood (hoodlum) types in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The term was originally meant to be derrogatory but was soon assimilated by "long hairs."
As the laid back casualness of hippies was evolving from the earlier beatnik style, another group of young people were dressing in Nehru jackets and fruit boots and both groups were wearing bell bottoms.
by Jubilation T. Corndoq March 18, 2007
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