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"Yanqui" in the Spanish language. A member of the United States of America, one of the most ignorant, uncivilized and shallow countries on earth. Its people's only value and vocation is the earning of money. Their so-called culture can be reduced to artists, film-makers, musicians - all of them Europeans. There's nothing more disgusting (not just laughable) than listening to a yankee speak: his gross materialism, immaturity, bigotries and delusions of grandeur could make a giraffe vomit. Since their one and only idol is money, they've built their society and way of life on that basis, turning education into sheer business (i.e. you pay you pass), patriotism into crude piracy, justice into a means of pondering people's wealth, such and such person on the grounds of their 'worth', healthcare into a merciless machinery, life in itself into the paying of bills and the coming and going of 'bucks'.
There's not the possibility neither of love nor of anything of value among yankees. Their current prevalence is based on brute willpower and, after it's over, there's only one thing we might be able to ascertain now: nothing good will be left with its unbrilliant wake.
That yankee is so inexistent that there's nothing you could state either for his support or discouragement.
by Juan Bien de Guacho January 24, 2007
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