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2 definitions by Jonpaul McGrane

1. A private part of the female anatomy. 2. Or a word to describe a rubbish thing.
1. Did you get any gash last nite?
2. What a gash day. There has been so much rain!!!
by Jonpaul McGrane February 24, 2006
Definition of Foetus: The Foetus is the nickname for a particular sex god by the name of Jonpaul Michael McGrane who lives in Coventry in the West Midlands. The name grew about through some light hearted banter when he was a young lad around 13 or 14 and used to have a skinhead of a haircut. Being a young and hairless lad they decided that his appearance resembled that of a foetus hence the nickname. The nickname grew popular throughout the dol y moch group of 5th - 10th of November and has stuck. His two best buddies are Lee 'I Killed A Seagull Hopkins' and Dave 'Show Them The Whole Thing' Nurse.

Foetus your just a sex god!

In exaggerated form: FEETOSS!!
by Jonpaul McGrane November 16, 2006