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The perfect girlfriend and the most amazing and beautiful/gorgeous girl in the world.
I love my Carli , shes my cutie pie, shes the perfect girl for me...i hope i never lose her ! <3

-Love you forever sweetheart <33
by Jonny Kobra June 13, 2008
the ultimate king/lord of the homosexuals. Greek legends state that Trok use to go throughout the late night raping men from left and right, and every time he saw a woman he'd scream for mercy
Jon- "dude you know how jesus was the king of the jews ?"
Brian- "Yeah dude, soo whut?"
Jon- "Well i was just online and a pop-up came up, in huge letters it said TROK KING OF THE GAYS !!"
Brian- "shit dude thats insane hahaha"
Jon- "haha i know i never knew after all these years tyler was a homo"
by Jonny Kobra May 17, 2008
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