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2 definitions by JonZo The Great

a drink made out of jagermeister and vodka
Girvo - I have drunk everything in this bar !!!.. what sound like a really tasty drink .... I have had enough red bull thought my hearts pounding
Brother Mark - I know, Jager and Vodka, it will take the world by storm...
Girvo - tasty.. get me a Jodka
by JonZo The Great September 07, 2010
33 13
The movement of one's genitals while feasting on a full rack of pork ribs.
John - ahhhh man these ribs are so so good.. I think I have movement
Claire - Movement, that's RibWood my friend and don't you forget it....
John - I'm not going to be able to stand up for least an hour
by JonZo The Great March 20, 2011
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