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The punctuation dumb people put at the end of an unsolicited, factless assertion to indicate self satisfaction at having stated something they erroneously believe to be clever, biting, and insightful.
"Twelve doctors told me that I'm wrong, but I don't care. Because I'm a MOTHER, and I KNOW my baby is allergic to peanuts, carbon, municipal water, and the color orange. Don't listen to doctors- they don't know more than you. Just sayin'."
by Johnny Infidel July 31, 2012
Fagula Rasa: (`fagyoola `rossa) n. a person one instinctively suspects of being homosexual, but who gives no outward indications of sexual preference at all- not totally effeminate and never exhibiting any of the commonly recognized mannerisms and affectations associated with homosexuals, like a blank slate, but nevertheless giving one the gut feeling that the person in question is gay.
"I get the strange feeling that Bob is gay, but I don't really know why. He's an enigma, a real fagula rasa."
by Johnny Infidel January 01, 2012

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