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Mental-complex in which the afflicted finds a need to make up stories to impress people he/she does not know if online formus.
That guy is such a loser with the biggest otcomplexia complex. Check out his latest post:

So yeah rough week and i need to spend a week away from home, so i move my biz to a hotel a mile down the road, very decent hotel.

I go to take a shower, unwrap the soap, no problem, wash the cash and prizes and all that jazz, and then go for the little hotel shampoo/conditioner.

I notice that the seal didnt break when i twisted it, and that it was light, it wasnt full.

I fastly dump the remaining contents into my palm, and for the facking life of me.... i chit you not, the LAST thing that it was, was shampoo. something out of an American Pie scene or something, no fun finding shamspooge in your hotel.

by Johnny Come Lately August 03, 2006

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