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Let's be honest, most religion's are a crock of shit, but this one is pure evil. I mean come on..it's not ok to eat pork but it's ok to blow yourself up and kill other people as long as some dickhead declares you a 'martyr' (yes! it's really THAT stupid!) I'm sorry muslim's but it's simply not true and is completely false teachings. You are all being made to be fools. It teaches oppression of women, that killing is ok as long as the reasons are right (yes really!)oh and you have to starve yourself every now and then, cause that's REALLY gonna do you good isnt it! NOT!
J: What did you do last night, mohammed?
M: I conspired to blow people up in the name of Islam
J: Oh....ere right...would like a bite of my ham sandwich?
M: OF COURSE NOT!!!! That just wouldn't be right!
by John4569 October 30, 2006
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