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An afro like hairstyle on a white person. The person may also be a wigger.

My brother, Joe, made this word.
"Check out that kid's afro, it's huge!"
"No, he's white, that's a wigro."
#wigro #afro #wigger #wannabe #white #hairstyle
by John Olson August 20, 2006
A kid I know is named Raymond. He is a dumbass, so people call him Raytard.
Hey Raytard, you suck fat donkey dick!
by John Olson January 08, 2005
retards call it oxycotton.
"Hey man, you wanna sell me that oxycotton?"

"Fuck you bitch, it's oxycontin. You shouldn't use drugs that you don't even know the name of. Bitch!"
by John Olson January 08, 2005
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