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A word used in online gaming that is meant to frustrate another player. If a player says What the fuck or Bullshit you can respond by saying LAWLUMAD? (LOLUMAD?) he will respond by saying Shut the fuck up or Fuck you asshole. Other players sometimes will pitch in saying LAWLHESMAD, or LAWLYEAHESOMAD, You dont put spaces in these sayings for reasons unknown. saying Lawlumad?!? to someone may result in them leaving the game out of anger.

Player 2: LAWLUMAD?

Player 1: No shut the fuck up asshole im not mad it was just bullshit.

Player 2: LAWLURMAD!

Player 1: Shut the fuck up!!

Player 3: LAWLHESOMAD!!!!!

Player 1: Fuck you guys!

Player 1 leaves the game.
by John Ian Savich March 03, 2008

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