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1.A kid that doesn't want to be a kid. Typically in 6th or 7th grade. They are babies in real life that make themselves look stupid by trying to act mature. To remedy this, they go on myspace, youtube, urban dictionary, etc. and act like gangstas. 50%of their vocabulary used is "Your mom.", while the other 50% is trying (and failing) to insult other people. They also masturbate alot.

2.The kind of people that pollute myspace, yotube, and other 13 or older webites, thus turning them into a pile of crap filled with wannabe gangsters and tantrum-throwing babies.
12 year old: "I don't wanna be a kid mom! 7th grade sucks!"
Mom:"Watch your language young man!"
12 year old: *Runs up to his room throwing a tantrum*
Mom and Dad (simultaneously) "Heh heh heh! kids!"
12 year old: "YOUR MOM! WAAAAAAAA!" *fap fap fap*

Bill: Damn, there are too many 12 year olds on runescape!
Steve: I agree, lets go outside and play football.
Bill: Ok!
by John Hargrave May 20, 2009

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