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A Democrat is anyone who

Is a pussy, and wants our country to do bombed and taken over.

Is poor, on welfare.

Likes taxes (excessive taxes).

Hates America.

Hates Babies and wants to kill them.

Wants to change all the good things in America.

A smeely pot smoking hippie.

Pretty much anyone in general without a brain

So to put it in easy words AN IDIOT.
Democrat: (Inhales weed) Ahhhhhh.... those taxes are just great. If i could ever get a girlfreind i would make sure to get an abortion... but i will never get a girlfreind.

Normal Person: I have to go to work.

Democrat: I don't have to i just stay home, and get welfare checks.

Normal Person: Bye.... loser.

Democrat: STOP WAR MAN so we can get bombed.
by John Everyman April 09, 2008

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