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A talwar or tulwar is a type of sabre from Mughal India dating back to at least the 17th century. In what was called Hindustan this became by far the most popular choice of sword. In outline it bears a resemblance to the Persian shamshir and the Turkish kilic; however, the blade of a talwar is wider in the ricasso than a shamshir, and will taper less toward the point. It also has a less extreme curve in the 28-30 inch blade and often will sport one or more fullers. As a single-handed sword the talwar displays a metal hilt with short quillions for the upper guard, and a unique flat-disc pommel. The blade's tang is inserted to the single piece hollow hilt and affixed with adhesive. The blade seems to have been derived from earlier turko-mongol sabers with heavy influence from the Indian khanda. Due to its popularity in India the talwar was found in 19th century Afghanistan, Nepal, Mysore. In addition, it had relatives in the pedeung and the piso podang swords of Sumatra. Like the shamshir, the blades and hilts of the talwar were often very ornate and featured carvings or gilding. It is often confused with the similar looking hybrid sword pulwar of Afghanistan.
Talwar is also a rare last name from the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan that is translated to mean "sword."

The talwar is commonly used in India and Pakistan as a weapon.
by Joey B 1000 March 11, 2006

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