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Nickname for the SAS, only used by soldiers in it. If anyone else uses it, they're a knob.
I couldn't tell him I was in The Regiment. To the Iraqis, we are Friday the 13th. He would have had me shot.
- Andy McNab
by Joel Taylor August 06, 2005
To squeeze the end of your penis whilst ejaculating, spraying a fine mist of semen across your ubject (victim) to leave it flecked across their face, then letting go, to allow the held up semen to splurge over your subject.
You finally persuade your girlfriend to let you cum on her face, and you want to cum in her eyes to punish her for the delay. So, you fap off and on the point of orgasm, squeeze your bellend, to spray a fine mist of cum across her face (flecking). When she opens her eyes in confusion, you let go, slurging the remaining semen straight into her eyes.
Damn straight.
#flecking #cumming #eyeballs #fleking #punishment
by Joel Taylor February 08, 2008
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