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Borrowed stimulus dollars, pumped into the economy by the Obama administration, that predatory institutions, companies and individuals are eyeing like a piece of rare steak. The institutions, companies and individuals that caused the global economic melt down are changing their focus to benefit from these Obama Dollars.
"My job in finance evaporated when the regulators came into Merrill Lynch and found out just how greedy and predatory we had been over the last decade. Its no problem, I safely invested my bonus money over the last three years because I knew the game would be over soon. I am going to take that money and start a company which will capitalize on Obama Dollars. Maybe something in the energy field. Once I meet with my Rep and Senator I will let you know the best area to move the money into".
by JoeDJr March 13, 2009
A lesbian dinosaur.
"Kathy is the captain of her softball high school team". "Yea, I think she is a lick a lot o puss".
by JoeDJr February 11, 2009
When some one is trying act getto or gangsta but with a jamaican bent.
"Tom has had his hair in dreads for months now". "Yea, he is Jafaican".
by JoeDJr March 11, 2009
A circumcised penis.
Janis is great, she loves the hoodless cobra.
by JoeDJr November 12, 2009
The singular of ruckus. Making a problem with just one person in the crew.
"Amanda was out of control with her bad attitude, but no one else in the group seemed to have a problem with her". "Yea man, it was a real ruckai".
by JoeDJr February 11, 2009
A gay dinosaur.
"What do you call a gay dinosaur"? "A mega sore ass".
by JoeDJr February 10, 2009
A term coined in the movie Breakfast Club. It is a term used to describe a nerd
"John still listens to Michael Bolton CDs". "Yea, he is a maxi zoomed dwebi".
by JoeDJr February 10, 2009

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