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3 definitions by Joe Reis


An anorexic, bleach-blonde woman. May or may not have an eating disorder.
"Nicole Richie vomitted her crackers again. Her eating disorders have turned her into a bleachiopian."
by Joe Reis August 16, 2007
A beverage made from mixing an energy drink and alcohol. Popular at nightclubs that play bootie-themed hip hop or house music. Also popular with binge drinking sorority and fraternity members. A spin on the now-infamous and banned Four Loko drink.
I hear there's a punch bowl full of Poor Loko over at the Lambda Lambda Lambda party tonight. Let's get wasted bro!
by Joe Reis November 19, 2010
Malicious ignorance.
During the negotiation, my counterpart was acting mean, but was obviously ignorant of the issues. He was acting with malignorance.
by Joe Reis April 28, 2008