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Nickelback are an awesome rock band from Canada. They take allot of bash and allot of hate from douchebags who have produced "fuck all" in their lives.

Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful Canadian groups, having sold 30 million records worldwide. I'm pretty sure No faggot hater could ever come close to that.

Members -

Chad Kroeger - Lead vocals/Guitar
Ryan Peake - Guitar/background vocals
Mike Kroeger - Bass
Daniel Adair - Drums/Vocals

Albums -

1996 - The curb
1999 - The state
2001 - Silver side up
2003 - The Long Road
2005 - All the Right Reasons
2008 - Dark Horse
Fan: Hey, have you heard Nickelback's new single. Chad Kroeger is an amazing song writer!

Jealous hater: Nickelback sucks!

Fan: So because nickelback don't scream like some mental patient and act like a complete poser fag on stage, they suck?

Jealous hater: Yes.
by Joe Michel Connolly April 13, 2010

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