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sneaky but legal
The Mayor's attempt to remove the homestead tax credit was technically legal but involved deception. It was a snegal action attempt to raise revenues without alerting the people to his actions.
by Joe Jack Wallace May 27, 2011
An orchestrated political event created when a prominent political leader is removed from a float in a parade conspicuously so as to cause embarrassment for a candidate for office.
When the policeman called for a warrant to be served on a local democratic official during a parade when that official was on a float, his public handcuffing attracted enough media attention that it became known as FloatGate.
by Joe Jack Wallace October 13, 2011
Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, who is known for a budget that he claims will preserve current government programs without bankrupting the nation.
Even though the congress and the president made claims regarding stimulating the economy, the Money Badger did a thorough analysis that refuted their assertions.
by Joe Jack Wallace August 12, 2012
1. catcher on a baseball team

2. a perv who prowls the bars looking to pick someone up because of their attractive behind
A young lady who knew nothing about baseball was overheard referring to the behindcatcher of the St. Louis Cardinals
by Joe Jack Wallace October 30, 2011
Sneaky and illegal
The politicians sneakily broke the law by manipulating the permitting processes and by setting the times for hearings to achieve their Sneillegal objectives. This is not to be confused with the Snegal tactics that are equally sneaky but do fall within the law
by Joe Jack Wallace October 17, 2011
A person who makes a living by putting tattoos on peoples dicks.
The dicktatter worked hard on his customers dick when putting the tattoo on it so as not to cause much pain
by Joe Jack Wallace August 25, 2011
A person who seeks or uses political office for personal gain.
The unscrupulous Plotitician who hatched this scheme has decided to run for office so he can make it happen.
by Joe Jack Wallace March 19, 2012

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