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A hot girl that is much younger than the middle age guy she is dating.
"Man, nadia is so fine". "Whats you problem dude, you like all those hoodsies. You got to date girls your own age".
by Joe Dorsett February 10, 2009
A 20 something female friend of a middle age guy. It is explicit that they are just friends. However, their is still some pimp'n going on, but just inside the line of good taste. He pays, she gets dressed up in big girl clothes, and they hand out in hot night clubs all weekend in NY, LA, Miami, Montreal to bump and grind.
"Hey spicy pea aint seen you in months. Lets goto da club with all our peeps and rip it up". "Sounds great daddy. Should I wear the CFM boots and skirt"?
by Joe Dorsett February 10, 2009
A girl you just met asks you a question regarding who else you are sleeping because she wants the relationship to be exclusive and is insecure. The question is inappropriate and very uncomfortable. You do not want to tell tell the truth and blow you chances of sleeping with her. You want to make her even more insecure with your answer.
So Mark, who are you still sleeping with. Its a bad question.
by Joe Dorsett April 23, 2008

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