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A woman's hairy snatch, that is in it's all natural unshaved, untrimmed state
When her panties came off, I was aupprised to see that massive fur bikini.
by Jockamo Feenahay October 28, 2006
The nappy wet mark on a Ladie's panties from being turned on Sexually.
"Oh Johny, you're gettin' me so wet I gots my Choney Stained"
by Jockamo Feenahay October 10, 2006
The act of dunking your Nutz into the eye sockets of your sexual partner, causing mild blindness and euphoria.
She loves it when I let her look through my Himalayan Goggles.
by Jockamo Feenahay August 10, 2005
A term used to describe something, or someone great, usually with the predisposition of a Stoney excitment.

The term for the lighting designer of the Grateful Dead
Well Jockamo Feenahey, When did you get here?

Jackamo Feenahey
by Jockamo Feenahay October 28, 2006

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