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1. The ultimate emo and scene accessory for myspace kids.

What began as a small laser cutting company aimed at the younger, more creative generations of the likes of Myspace, Livejournal and deviantart. Kids are able to send in jewelry and badge designs to be laser cut onto acrylic and mailed to them so that they can be resold.

2. The generation ruled by plastic fashion, large bold bright colours metallic brands, diamonds, bats and so fourth.

3. The bridge that crosses emo (dark colours, black, gloom and death) to scene (bright, funky outrageous colours & creativity).
Scene kid 1: Where did you get that diamond encrusted laser cut lucite diamond with crystals?

Scene Kid 2: I designed it and made it on Lovebites and Bruises of course! I sell it on my Myspace for a gazillion dollar if you would like to pruchase it yourself.
by JoannaTelopole August 27, 2007

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