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The following definitions have been written by an actual beaner and a Guatemalan (which means we are actual hispanics) so we are not racist although it may sound like we are... :D
-1. A beaner is a person of Mexican or Hispanic decent (who wants to be Mexican because they are pussies and are ashamed of their absolutely excellent non-mexican background)who is a wannabe gangster who would most likely piss their pants if they were to REALLY come face to face with a "gangster" situation.
-2. Usually moes lawns, sells oranges, works in construction, does gardening, cleans pools (but still gets every worker to get in the pool after they clean it but before their boss returns), fixes roofs, hangs out in front of Home Depot when they have spare time, and also take jobs of higher qualified people for a lower pay.
-3. A border hopper, wet back, chunti, illegal immigrants, persons with a green card painted green because they do not know a green card is not actually green...
-4. A Mexican-American whos goal in life is to buy an American truck and give it flame stickers, body kits that are not made for it, a spoiler made for celicas to make the car seem "perron", and also have a sticker to represent their hypocritical fake pride to their wannabe culture.
-5. A Mexiacan who would prefer eating beans at their home than going out to a actual restaraunt.
-6. A Mexican who likes to overuse the "Spanglish" language to where it seems obnoxious and originates a hypocritical "beaner" sense of the language.
-7. This faggot sittin next to me...(not the Guatemalan)
James: "Hey Hains....look at that straight up beaners truck!!"
Hains: "WHAT?! WHERE?!"
James: "Over there by that other beaner sellin oranges to ur mom..."
Hains: "What the fuck?! Fuckin wet backs! They juss had to be beaners didn't they...."
James: "Yea....they did....wait, Hains... arent u a beaner too?"
Hains: ".......No Comment..."
Hains in his Mind: "-_-(that is a frown)... You bitch..."
by Jizzle & Shade June 03, 2006

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