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6 definitions by Jimmy Wood

The practice of bubbling in the letter "c" for all answers that you do not know on computer (scantron) test answer sheets. Answer choices usually range from A to E.

Student 1: Man I didn't study for the test last night. I don't know none of this shit.

Student 2: Fuck it nigga, you know what they say. When in doubt c your way out.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
16 3
A term used to describe the physical or mental state of an individual.
Physical> That dirty ass bitch gave me genital warts.
Lester: Hey that nigga Aries don't neva wash
Jimmy: I know...that dirty ass bitch.

Mental> That dirty ass bitch got so upset she keyed my car.
Fuck dat nigga that dirty ass bitch stole my 2Pac CD.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
11 1
A slut that accidently bites penises when giving head because shes not experienced

A girl who unfortuneatly has two disgusting rows of teeth. These teeth tend to look very similar to the extended incisor teeth of a rat.

"that rat faced bitch bit my penis"

"that rat faced bitch has some fucked up teeth. looks like she had a bowl of rocks and milk fo' brefas."
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
11 3
Slang for penis invented by two dudes from Joneseboro, Georgia circa 1990.
Hey nigga I want to stick my tools in her box. She's a bad ass bitch.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
35 49
A city where you gotta be a Mason, a greek frat fucker, or Martin Luther the Kings cousin to get a fuckin job.
I got out of the Marine Corps and came back to Atlanta. Now I am about to go on welfare cause the illegal immigrants and Katrina refugees took all the damn jobs.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
29 58
A group of goverment employees that bum rides on navy ships and ocasionally get off at asian/western european ports to bang hot whores.
When I was in the Marines I went to Thailand.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
102 147