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2 definitions by Jimma C

Stupid asslicker. He retired from a 400,000$ dollar a year job to join the jamaician army where he can smoke drugs and anal fuck jewish slaves that the kikkiawaikki tribe capture and turn into there pets. There he also has sexual relations with a banana and the rare barz and grimma
Pearcy sucks wee wee!
by Jimma C August 19, 2004
Red head faggot with ginger like pubes coming out his testicles. This creature is very rare, he was a very tiny penis which is sometimes mistaken for a pubic hair. He sleeps with other males. Animals included. These animals come in a variety of sizes and shapes. His penis still fits into a Ants anus hole. His sister creater is the rare and enticing grimma who is also just as wierd.
Yo barz you really fucked that grimma in the anus well.
by Jimma C August 19, 2004