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A big nose of a person that is Jewish.

The Jewish people have big noses in order to smell good deals and sales.
"Woah! How did you find that good deal?"
"I don't know bro, probably because of my Jewish Nose"
by Jewishgirl February 05, 2013
this is NFTY's (National federation for temple youth) New York region. It is a reform Jewish youth group, which teaches leadership, friendship, and fun. Throughout the year NFTY-nar holds many events such as Kallah, which is an overnight where you have fun and learn things.
Sara: Hey what region are you in?
Leah: NFTY-NAR, duh!
Sara: same are you going to kallah?
Leah: of course it is a great place to hang out, hookup, and have fun!
by jewishgirl September 01, 2010

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