1 definition by JewishAmericanPrincess

A very unfunny female comedian who uses subjects like sexual abuse and race to get laughs.

Over-rated and stupid. Makes Jews and women look bad.

Made a stupid viral music video claiming to have f***ed Matt Damon, a video that made stupid college students parody the song.

Is the host of the Independent Spirit Awards and makes an awful job of it

Is Carlos Mencia's female counterpart, as they both suck immensely.

Makes Dane Cook look like George Carlin.

Has a stupid Comedy Central show called Sarah Silverman Program. Often described as "edgy comedy".

Career highlight: playing the whiny girlfriend of Mike White's character in School of Rock, the first role of hers where I didn't hate it.

She has no other career highlights worth noting.

Avoid at all costs.

"Hahaha Sarah Silverman is so cutting edge! She said the word chink!"

"No she's a douchebag."
by JewishAmericanPrincess February 24, 2009

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