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On August 22, 1994, the conception of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. was given light at Southern Illinois University. A brotherhood created with the purpose of ameliorating the host of social diseases that have plagued our communities for far too long, Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. has worked relentlessly to establish itself as a brotherhood committed in purpose and action to transforming the plight of African-Americans everywhere.

The founders, Marvin Randolph and Lamont Taylor, themselves raised in neighborhoods that overflowed with the social diseases of drugs, violence, poverty, and hopelessness, established the organization on the premise that it would promote the principles of Pride, Respect, and Excellence. The founders sought to form a brotherhood that would work to set the standard of manhood, an organization comprised of Charismatic men striving to model and teach exemplary positive behavior.

Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. is a three-pronged organization that revolves around the universal aspects of academics, community service, and social interaction with others. Committed to excellence, Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. has rapidly earned recognition as a premier organization. The Fraternity is routinely honored for its groundbreaking endeavors, and it has received numerous awards from various social, academic, and civic institutions.

I joined the Alpha chapter of Phi Rho Eta in the summer of 2006.
by Jewel Serene August 25, 2008

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