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1) Administrator of the LPMB.
2) A user of many dots (i.e. "...").
3) A paddle fetishist, addict, lover, etc.
1) One day, LnknMetal abused his powers and changed people's SNs into various Pokémon characters.
2) Johnny, would you stop using "..." after your posts? You might wind up being a LnknMetal!
3) Oh, baby! Spank me with that paddle! Paddle me so much it'd make LnknMetal blush!
by Jesus Christ of Nazareth July 20, 2004
1) A beautiful, goddess of a woman. The object of every woman's envy and every man's emotional desires. 2) Administress of the Linkin Park Message Board.
1 -
Guy 1: Wouldn't you wanna go out with Pretty Noose?
Guy 2: No way! She's Widge's.. he'd kick my ass.
Guy 1: Yeah, I know.. lucky bastard. *sighs*
(Both dream of her)


2 -
by Jesus Christ of Nazareth December 21, 2004
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