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3 definitions by Jessrondicus

Someone's "basketball height" is their height plus a couple inches to make themselves feel better. Also means what they'd claim to be if they were in the NBA
Joe was 5'5", but he told everyone he was 5'7". That was just his basketball height.
by Jessrondicus March 03, 2012
The weight your driver's license claims you are. Usually about twenty pounds less than your actual weight.
My driver's license weight is 150... I'm really 160... and I've been up to 180 before.
by Jessrondicus March 03, 2012
Where there are runners at first and second and the batter grounds into a double play. The runner on first is forced out, as is the batter, but the runner on second moves over to third.

Hence, a sacrifice double play.

Also known as a San Francisco sacrifice.
With Schierholtz on first and Sandoval on second, Aubrey "Audrey" Huff hits a weak ground ball to second for a 4-6-3 double play.

Sandoval goes to third. A sacrifice double play. A San Francisco sacrifice.
by Jessrondicus October 15, 2011