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a stupid dumb bitch. usually does evil things like lie, steal, and become very aggressive with money. ie, you're typical brooklyn whore.
susan: "so um, what are ya up to bob."
bob: "nothin, just got da green today, yuh yuh!"
susan: "oh yeah, so you know you owe me for that one time right??"
bob: "that one time? wtf, why you trippin, get that noise outta here."
susan: "that one time remember? fool, i'ma about to slappahoe if i don't get mah moneys in mah pocket. neener neener mutha flubba."
bob: "hey, hold on man, i told you, you're trippin, i don't owe you nothin my nig."
susan: " *slap!* boy i'm not playin, where's your slut money biznatch, i'm gonna take whats due."
bob: "susan, i need that money for my meds, i need it"
susan: "if you don't shut ur face, you boutta need another slap."
bob: "why do ya gotta be hoe baitin like this susan, shit. this is why i drink"
susan: "got dat fo'sho. neener neener *throws down flash grenade and jumps out of window for no reason*
by Jessica Tilley October 14, 2008

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