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36 definitions by Jesse Radin

An atheist is someone who is not a theist. That's all that atheism implies.

Atheists are NOT communist.
Atheists do not avert their eyes when they see a church.
Atheists do not all have poor relations with their parents.
Athesits do not all hate Christians.

I am an atheist. Yet I go to a Catholic College.
by jesse radin September 10, 2006
One of the most overrated TV shows of the 21st century thus far. The early years were good, but since its return it has been boring, yet everyone likes it and sees it as better than the Simpsons, even though it is pretty much ripping of the Simpsons completely.

The characters are simple and unfunny.
Everyone else says family guy is funny and doesn't like the simpsons. I think they are insane.
by Jesse Radin July 08, 2006
Very talented, one of the only honestly good modern female singers I've heard. Also very attractive. I had no idea she was on American Idol but that doesn't change my opinion that her music is pretty awesome.
Kelly Clarkson is the next Gwen Stefani. Let's hope she doesn't end up doing her own Hella Good...
by Jesse Radin January 22, 2006
Creationism under a psuedo-scientific name. Ultimately, it is a myth developed by those who have no understanding or respect of science. People who discredit evolution are misguided at best.
Bay-oosh wants to teach intelligent design because he wants America to become a third-world theocracy/
by Jesse Radin December 20, 2005
A grocery story with employees that call you by whatever typo your Safeway card has on it, or what your phone number says. This is an attempt to be personal, but it's rather creepy.

Otherwise, a decent store that annoyingly liberal people boycott for no reason, claming that Trader Joe's has better deals when it's actually a lot more expensive.
Ben the idiot went to Trader Joe's to buy his crystallized cane juice. Little did the moron realize it was just sugar with a new name, and he could have gotten the same thing for half the price at Safeway. CAPITALISM YAY.
by Jesse Radin December 24, 2005
Someone who shares your bathroom/living room/kitchen in college but does not share a bedroom with you.
King Stiv was my suitemate and I sang Champagne Supernova late at night much to his chagrin.
by Jesse Radin February 06, 2011
"Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's game. Your children, like it or not, are attracted in their weaker years to the occult, and a game like DnD fuels their imagination and makes them feel special while drawing them deeper and deeper into the bowels of El Diablo."

"This afternoon the dead alewives watch tower invites you to sit in on an actual gaming session. Observe the previously unobservable as a hidden camera takes you to the inner sanctum of Dungeons and Dragons."
by Jesse Radin February 17, 2005