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A crappy school in redneckville. Most of the students have an extremely limited vocabulary and are unable to think for themselves. Expect lots of stereotypical black people and idiotic males. Girls there are overtly dramatic and are rude. Expect most students to be rude.
Teachers are not much better. Some are homophobic or sexist. The principal lies to the public about things that could get him in jail. Teachers do not know how to teach and just give out worksheets. Many teachers are rude or lose work.
Be prepared to be followed around as though you are in a jail cell. Cameras are everywhere; one hallway even has a gate. Students have little rights and teachers follow students around everywhere. Do not expect to be shaped into a self-serving adult after you graduate LHS; you will not know what it is like to have freedom until you leave.

So if you want to go somewhere that will make you less intelligent and surround you with obnoxious people, go to Leonardtown High School. =)
Girl 1: "Hey, you know Ashley?"
Girl 2: "Yeah?"
Girl 1: "She does a lot of guys. Like me. But I am going to ignore that hypocritical fact and spread rumors about that slut!"
Girl 2: "That whore! I'm going to tell everyone!!"


Student 1: "Teacher. I don't understand the concept. Could you explain this to me?"
Teacher: "-controls laughter- Maybe there isn't an answer. LOL"
Student: "...Okay. But what are we doing today?"
Teacher: "Ke$ha."
Student: "O_o..."


Dumb male 1: "Lol, look at Bradly! He is such a faggy faggot! He gets better grades than me and doesn't talk like an idiot! What a fag!"
"Dumb male 2: "MAN, I KNOW!! HAHAHA, FAGGOT!!"
Bradly: "...Teacher, will you do something?"
Leonardtown High School Teacher: "I'm reading my magazine right now. Play nice. Be less of a fag though, Bradly. lol"
Dumb male 1: "Let's beat his ass yo!"
Dumb male 3: "Ya, dawg!"
Bradly: "-soon rushed to hospital-"
by Jesse Abelltonson April 19, 2011
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