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:derived from the term "tennis elbow" Applied to alcoholics, (esp. brainless old coots) who practice over-repetitive soul drowning alcohol abuse. Lifemates of the Dragon Lady
Get your shit straight, or do ya wanna wind up with those bitter old fucks down at the waterin' hole with drinking elbow?!
by Jerrod Harahuc June 09, 2007
Derived from the slang term: "Shoot the Curl" heard by surfer's when they mean to ride the inside of a wave.
(ie: to surf the web)
"Hey, what's goin' on tonight?"

"Not much, shootin' e-curls"

by Jerrod Harahuc March 06, 2009
A severely sociopathic woman. 1.)Typically a despondant man's wife of many years. see - drinking elbow 2.)A fucking lonely bitch!
"Your wife kicked you out of the house and then spray-painted pedophile wagon on your van?! - "Yep, she's a real dragon lady."

"So I married a dried up old dragon lady who couldn't reserect the strength to beep her LifeSign button, let alone reach orgasm."
by Jerrod Harahuc June 09, 2007

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