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a girl who is too unattractive to gain male attention without being a total slut, and so acts as though she is attracted to other girls so as to appear hot to men. She will go through a number of girl friends and have sex with/make out with other women in front of men, until they find a man who is attracted to them solely because of their perceived sexuality. Once the weak-minded male is completely seduced, they will suddenly change their sexual orientation to be with the man. The man, being an egotistical dumbfuck, will believe that he is so amazing that he was able to completely change her sexuality, all while being completely oblivious to the fact that he was manipulated by the "wannabe dyke" whore.
If the wannabe dyke is caught in her charade, she will claim that she is a bisexual.
Girl: Wait? You dated that skank? I thought she was a lesbian!

Guy: Nope, turns out she was just a wannabe dyke.

Girl: You might want to be tested for AIDS.
#skank #slut #dyke #lesbian #aids #whore #bitch #ugly #bisexual #bi
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac January 04, 2009
A person who is sexually attracted to cars and/or other vehicles (not to be confused with autosexual).
"Woah! Look at that sweet Camaro!"
"Why the fuck do you have such a boner for cars? Fuckin' automosexual."
#cars #autosexual #automobilaphilia #r-tard #douche-bag
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac October 27, 2006
A woman who is completely subservient to her redneck husband. She will follow her husband to any NASCAR or other racing event and allow her husband to beat her, whether drunk or sober. Despite the fact that he beats her, she will stay with him, claiming that she really loves him. In reality, she is just afraid to be without him. They can be found at Walmart or any NASCAR event.
What's with the black eye? You're a NASCAR wife, aren't you. You really need to get help.
#white trash #wife beating #redneck #nascar #fucktard
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac June 25, 2008
a semi-cryptic way of referring to someone who is homosexual
Look at that guy over there singing show tunes! I think he might be driving on the wrong side of the road!
#gay #homosexual #queer #aids #british
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac August 08, 2007
A white trash town in Huron County, Ohio. Known for ninjas, and the eternal struggles between Vampires and Lycans (werewolves).
What the fuck is with the people from New London, seriously? Is there something in the water?
#white trash #ninjas #vampires #werewolves #retards
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac June 17, 2008
A girl who pretends to play video games for the sole purpose of gaining the attention of men. They usually claim to be serious gamers, though they generally only play video games in the presence of men. On the rare occasion that they play a video game on their own, they tend to bring it up in conversation with the male gamer that they have their eye on. These girls also tend to be bisexual and obsessed with sex, as their interest in gaming is only part of their facade to be seen as the ultimate male fantasy, despite the fact that they are usually unattractive.

Their MySpace and Facebook status updates generally mention the fact that they are watching someone else play a video game, as even though they claim to be gamers, they usually spend more time watching their boyfriend/male friends play than actually playing. When they do play, they usually only play casual multiplayer games that allow them ample opportunity to flirt with the men that they are playing against (they also usually either let the man win, or suck so much they didn't have a chance anyway). When they do like a video game, it's generally because they find one of the male characters to be "hot."

They don't necessarily play only Nintendo systems. Their console of choice generally is based on what system the men in their lives are playing. These girls are the reason that actual female gamers get a bad reputation in the gaming community, and they're behavior should not be encouraged.
Look at that girl playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl with those guys. She says she's a gamer, but she's really just a Nintenho.
#gamer girl #female gamer #attention whore #wannabe dyke #bisexual #slut
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac December 08, 2009
nickname of Hancock Street in downtown Sandsusky, Ohio. Hancrack Street gets its name from its notoriety for being home to crackheads and crack dealers.
I was feeling adventurous and drove down Hancrack Street last night. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that most of the crackheads where white, despite the large african american population downtown.
#sandusky #ohio #crack #crackheads #hancock street
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac June 26, 2008
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