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While some think it is red pubic hairs it is actually possible for any human being to recieve a fire crotch.

Typically at bonfires, everyone is outside enjoying a nice cold beer or playing foolish games with fireworks. In a devilish game of roman candles one could be struck in the crotch region causing them to occur a "fire crotch"

Another cause of fire crotch can happen when somebody tries to be "cool" and leap over the fire. Their genitals can get very close to the fire and can also cause fire crotch

If you are occuring fire crotch be prepared for burnt children if you are planning to have kids.
1. "yo dude hit me with the roman candle... o shit i got fucking fire crotch, o fuck put it out oh fuck that hurts"
by Jeff Woodall July 21, 2008
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