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4 definitions by JeFFJuH

Tja means something like "Oh well". It's used in Dutch and Swedish.
Tja, die lul heeft ook een paar beuken nodig.
by JeFFJuH April 04, 2005
An ausweis is a piece of documentation designed to prove the identity of the person carrying it. It is only used in Germany.
Police: Ausweis bitte
Person: Aber naturlich, hier ist mein ausweis
by JeFFJuH May 09, 2006
A word always used by Michel Swartjes. He tries to break someones hand, and shits while he is doing it. After that, there's coming a weird smell out of his pants.
Kom jochie, even kniele voor Swartjes!
by JeFFJuH April 04, 2005
Means Whore in 1337 language. Used a lot on IRC.
Whoa.. Check that fuckin' h04r on that website...
by JeFFJuH September 08, 2003