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Although unknown to the general population, there actually was a "World War 3." The fact that it only lasted 4 and a half seconds is why it's so unheard of. It happened about 2 years ago on October 2nd at 4:13am but ended shortly after when the United States sent Chuck Norris behind enemy lines in Mexico, France, and Iraq. The only reason it took him 4 and half seconds to drop 3 countries is the fact that he stopped for lunch in the middle of it.
(Son) "Dad, do you think World War 3 will happen in my lifetime?"
(Dad) "It already has son, it already has..."
#ww3 #wwiii #world war iii #chuck norris #worldwar 3
by Jason "Minty Fresh" Bodi October 23, 2006
A newfound Sexually Transmitted Disease that develops on the surface of the crotchal region when a man or woman conducts sexual acts with a member of the undead. Oral, manual or all out sexual stimulation will result in the infection of "Crotchrot." A highly contageous Infection with no found cure in existance. Converts the Penis or Vagina into flesh eating undead genitals. Comforatable sex can only be had with other infected individuals
(Dan): Hey Bill, I heard your girlfried became another victim to the Undead Plauge going around. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you at least have sex with her one last time before she died?
(Bill): Sex, yes... Before, No... But she had only been Undead for a few minutes.
(Dan): Come on, i'll take you to get checked for Crotchrot
#croth rot #crotchrott #croth rott #std #zombies
by Jason "Minty Fresh" Bodi October 23, 2006
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