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An exclusive brother/sister-hood with a secret agenda. At war with the Snake Town group.

Chief Nation members have the Chief Nation Scar.
Since I am in Chief Nation and he is a Snake Town fag, I had to kick his ass. Hard.
#chief nation #snake town #chief #scar #brotherhood #gang
by Jarret Johnson February 22, 2008
A scar created by heating up the metal guard of a Bic lighter and placing it on the bicep of a Chief Nation member. It is placed with the curve (not the open end) towards the shoulder. The resulting scar is an upside down 'V' signifying ones affiliation with Chief Nation.
The Chief Nation Scar will forever signify me being amazing. CHIEF NATION!
#amazing #cheif nation #scar #bic #lighter #burn
by Jarret Johnson February 22, 2008
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