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Used in Smokey and the bandit.
1. A tick's turd.
2. Some one who is completely stupid, dumb.
Synonyms - Fag, retard, slow puff, dummy, heffer.

Antonyms - Awesomesauce, cool dude, wicked sick, super!, nice and any thing else under this category.
"You tick turd! I ougghta slap your momma!"
by Jangalomph April 06, 2010
A derived term from Star Gazing "looking at stars"

Booty Gazing; Verb.

The act of looking at some ones ass.
Billy: Hey check out that girls rump man.

Jack: I know bro, We are always booty gazing so much!

Billy: damn straight.
by Jangalomph February 24, 2011
Pronounced: Bitch a lota shit itis

The diagnosis of the horrible disease for a girls and women alike who like to bitch about a lot of shit constantly. Generally contracted from hanging abound snobby little friends, or their born with this disease.
Bob: I'm tired of all of these girls bitching about the stupidest shit.

Dave: No matter what you do to stop them in their tracks, you can't cure this case of bitchalotashititis...

Bob: Whats that?

Dave: Its the disease girls have when they constantly bitch over shit.

Bob: I see bro.
by jangalomph June 24, 2010
1. When you are full of awesomesauce vocabulary in a sentence or some sentences. ; and or you use awesomesauce vocabulary in general.
Willa: hah. ughhhhhhhhh school

Nick: ughhhhhhh with the exasperated/elongated H's is correct. I'm so vocabulic today

Willa: i don't even think that's a word.

Nick: Nonsense!
by Jangalomph April 11, 2010
1. When you fail beyond belief..
Nick: Dude i saw Eric try to jump that fence today and he did a complete face plant.

Brian: I know, he failed so hard.

Nick: Tell me about it.
by Jangalomph April 11, 2010
Some one who likes to tear that "meat up" and intern gets herpes.
John: Yo, I never wanna be a herpivore when I grow up.
Bill: You already are!
by Jangalomph October 26, 2011
The Magma Horn is a powerful staff used by Gandalf The Red. When slammed on the ground, hot embers explode from the surrounding area, resulting in a raining fire. Anomalies erupt from the ground creating a super megacyclonic mega storm conversed with a FugluLightning storm creating lightning 50 million miles long, spreading through out the atmosphere and touching space itself. Then the universe cracks open creating a gaping hole of time! Time falls out of this hole polluting the earth. A liquid pool of hate and rage engulfs the universe. It spins and spins, the faster it spins the bigger it gets, the bigger it gets the faster it spins! Then suddenly, it EXPLODES! And the magma horn is free again, to corrupt the next world it happens to land on with The newly appointed Gandalf The Red.

Seeing how powerful the magma horn is, you can see that it can only be used once, and very wisely! It is often described as a pine tree branch with hot embers on it. To make a magma horn, you bake a cookie, throw it in the fire, eat it.. get a pine tree branch, stick it in the fire for 20 minutes. Pull it out, slam it and bam. Universe ends in a spectacular display of boom.
The new praise of the nation is the magma horn. A pine tree branch lit by fire, engulfing the eyes of millions of poor poor souls.. It will soon converge to melt the entire land of North America and the surrounding continents. Dissecting every innocent little frog with its magma strength soon here by ruling the universe with endless rant.
by Jangalomph March 26, 2011

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