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2 definitions by James the sore butt

Pulling up of another person's underwear as high as possible to cause pain in the butt. Ofton used on sissies
and nerds who wear briefs.
The school bully once hung me by my boxers on the hook in his locker and left me there for the whole day. My butt was sore for a week. He threatened to leave me there next time. When he was finished with school for the day he gave me a swirly for 30 seconds before letting me go.
by James the sore butt June 03, 2005
What nerds and geeks wear. It is a cool dudes duty to give a hanging wedgie to all tighty whitie wearers.
I once had no Boxers left so I wore tighty whities on a gym day. My classmates gave me a Swirly as punishment.
by James the sore butt July 24, 2005