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Rollin' like a Negro rolls widda top pulled down and a couple four-o's, bumpin' like a fat ass, lookin' like you got cash, smilin' like slimer cause you stole it.

Well. Not really.

But sort of.

Rollin' like you're hood rich regardless of your situation.

I'm pretty sure I heard Ol Dirty say it, in a Wu Tang diddy.
I saw 'at motherfucker negrollin' by the Circle K, in a Honda Civic, like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!
#negrollin' #negrolling #negrollin #ghetto rich #rollin' #rolling #ridin' #riding
by Jambox Jamboree July 20, 2009
When they ain't no bitches, but you love it, 'cause you gay.
Where the strippers at? This bachelor party be a sausage par-tay! I'm-a put yo' dick in my mouf, son!
#circle jerk #sausage party #sausage partay #gay #homosexual #gay orgy #swordfight
by Jambox Jamboree July 20, 2009
When you're taking a bitch from behind and, suddenly, leave the house without a trace and she never sees you again.

The best way to do this is to hold her against the mattress, with one hand and (possibly using your foot for aid) pick your clothes up, off of the floor. When you think she's really feeling it, jump backwards, through the door. Put your pants on, quickly, when you land on your back, grab your shoes and get the rest of your clothes on, in the bushes.

I've done this, twice, and it always works.

By the time she gets to the door, I'm gone like a cool breeze.

I never tried it in a big house, though. Just little apartments. I can't imagine it would work, if she's got a big bedroom.
I was fuckin' this chick right, last night, until she started talkin' about breakfast 'n' shit. I pulled my shit out, right quick, and gave that bitch the batman.
#one night stand #ninja #anonymous sex #batman #disappear
by jambox jamboree July 20, 2009
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