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1 definition by Jamaican Meornay

Alternative name (popular in Great Britian) for water-proof boots. Also another term for romo or Raging Homosexual. 'Wellingtonians' often talk about what they want to do, but never do it - instead they have gay anal secks, possibly also felching of giraffes and anal-insertion of quails whilst tonguing each other and thinking "I'm not gay I'm not gay".
Wellingtonian 1: "Oh no, my bike is dirty somehow - I mean I never ride it!"
Wellingtonian 2: "Sorry, Robbie pulled out early and my neopolitan-coloured ass juice spluttered all over it"
Wellingtonian 1: "What a relief....do you mind if I lick it?"
Wellingtonian 2: "There's more where that came from..."

-later on-

Non-wellingtonian: "You guys been riding much lately?"
Wellingtonians: *giggle* "Yeah, but not our bikes!"
Non-wellingtonian: "WTF? That's fucking Wellington!"
by Jamaican Meornay September 01, 2007