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A French super car company located in Alscae, France. Founded by Ettore Buggati in 1909. Ettore made a series of fast, yet luxurious automobiles until his death. In 2005, the Veyron was born, and was considered the fastest car in the world, until late 2010, in which it was dethroned by the SCC Ultimate Aero by 100 HP, then secured by 300 HP in 2012. Another stylish car was the Buggati EB110, which was produced and sold from 1991 to 1995, illustrated by an Italian descent Marcello Gadini. The Eb110 also performed in the 1996 24 Hours of Daytona. The Eb110 was also bought and was converted into a Dauer, which is a German vehicular enrichment inc.
The Buggati is the third fastest car in the world.
#french #veyron #fastest #edonis #dauer
by Jajajajajaja April 23, 2013
An event where an entity from a different timeline appears in present time when it is not supposed to be.
Guy 1: I was playing Sonic 06...

Guy 2: Yeah...

Guy 1: A guy from the future came out of no where...

Guy 2: Go on...

Guy 1: ...and nearly killed Sonic.


#sonic #paradox #mindfuck #crazy #confusing
by Jajajajajaja May 11, 2013
Substitution to a well-known racing game called Trackmania. What really gives Maniaplanet a huge spike in popularity and ratings (at a short amount of time) is because of one thing, 3 words: High. End. Graphics. All thanks to the graphics, Maniaplanet's gameplay is better and more realistic than reality itself. It is currently under public development and their full completion will be scheduled in early 2018.
Guy 1) Trollmania sucks

Guy 2) Yeah, let's play Maniaplanet.
#awesome #bad ass #epic #racing #graphics
by Jajajajajaja April 26, 2013
Also known as The RP Zone, it is a phenomenon where players become so interested in the roleplay they are in, they become unconscious (unaware of their surroundings) in the real world. Even trying to talk to a RP Zoner would not bring them back to life, not until the roleplay is over.
Player 1) How long was I in the Roleplaying Zone?

Player 2) 6 hours.

Player 1) Oh crap! I missed dinner!
#unconsciousnessism #temporary dead #rp zone #zoning #in the zone
by Jajajajajaja March 21, 2015
This death occurs exclusively in the world of online multiplayer computer games, namely Garrys Mod. This is experienced only on online servers with a lot of addons, players, and ping. This causes the entire server to freeze up, and time out many players, and crash the remaining. This is awfully similar with the recent DDoS strikes on other multiplayer games.
I tried to play Teh Build Box on Garrys Mod but we experienced The Great Lag Spike of Death.
#garrys #mod #great lag of death #ddos #direct denial of serve #multiplayer
by Jajajajajaja February 19, 2014
One of the most crappiest computer systems in the world.

For most flash games and Youtube videos, it requires you to constantly move your mouse to continue watching the video without it freezing up. The computer may also freeze up at many points and occasions. It's an opperating system you dont want to have.
Guy 1) What is better? Windows Vista or 7?

Guy 2) 7.

Guy 1) Why?

Guy 2) Because Vista is bullshit.
#visa #windows #windows seven #seven #xp #2006 #2005 #microsoft #bill gates
by Jajajajajaja November 16, 2013
A random, Japanese, crappy TV show filled with bisexual guttersnipes that sometimes wear cropped polo shirts and skinny jeans.
Kid 1: Wanna watch Beyblade?

Kid 2: No way, I dont like that show.
#bey #blade #weird #gay #bisexual #stupid
by Jajajajajaja May 19, 2013
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