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3 definitions by Jailout2000

SVN stands for SubVersioN.

An SVN is a place for nerds to make programming code available to more nerds. They can then do as they wish with the code, including use it to upload newer versions (revisions of the code). This cooperation between both small and large communities allows for things such as server software, utilities, tools, plugins, games, and even projects as large as operating systems.

SVN's are also more commonly known as a repository for open-source projects.
The http daemon just got updated, so I'm going to go download the new SVN repository and update my version of httpd.
by Jailout2000 November 29, 2010
A phrase used in League of Legends to describe a situation when 4 out of 5 summoners on a team are using skins. It's a way to embarrass the 5th summoner playing without a skin on their champion, and therefore labeling their team the foreskin of a penis.
team foreskin! lux forgot her skin...
by Jailout2000 July 20, 2014
Don't fucking fall asleep.

Used when someone tells you not to fall asleep when you have to do something that requires energy, such as homework/school, jobs, etc.

When you stay up late, usually you lack sleep the next day, so this term is used to encourage you not to fucking fall asleep.
You have a large amount of homework tonight, so DFFA.
by Jailout2000 September 01, 2009