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A term used to describe a guy that has trouble with boundaries and is socially inept. A Creepy Johnson is one step away from FULL-ON-STALKER.
Ex. 1:
I was dancing with my friends on the dance floor and some Creepy Johnson came up and started grinding on me!

Ex. 2:
While I was in the elevator today, this Creepy Johnson was trying to smell my hair!!!!

Ex. 3:
Girlfriend(1) "What is your co-worker like?"
Girlfriend(2) "I don't know, he sorta gives me the Creepy Johnson vibe."
Girlfriend(1) "Why?"
Girlfriend(2) "He insists on calling me a goddess, he texted me 50 times a day, sends me thousands of e-mails, and has to be with me 24/7. Oh and he wears speedos."
Girlfriend(1) "Wow, that is so CREEPY JOHNSON."
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by Jacqui D November 08, 2006
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