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2 definitions by Jacck Quänts

A term with a negative connotation used to describe a person who has had everything in life handed to him or her and seems to be completely unacquainted with mundane tasks like sweeping a floor.
I always feel like our government is disconnected from the lives of the people." "That's because this country is run by broom aliens.
by Jacck Quänts December 26, 2010
1. (noun) a mysterious number between three and four which has an undefined and undefinable value and can only be used in counting when the item it represents differs significantly in nature from the group of items being counted (for instance, a spatula when counting geese). There can be multiple quänts as long as each differs significantly in nature from all other items being counted.

2. (noun) a mysterious number between three and four which is represented in finger counting by a half-raised finger.

3. (noun) the name for an item which is counted as the quänth number in a sequence.

4. (adjective) inexplicable; otherworldly; defying the laws of the universe
1. a.) If you have three bottles of salad dressing and one cup of coffee, you have quänts bottle of salad dressing. If another bottle of salad dressing is added, you have four bottles of salad dressing. b.) If five of your friends, one pig, one squirrel, and one parakeet are in an otherwise empty room, and someone asks, "What is in this room?", you should answer, "Five of my friends." If two of your friends and the parakeet leave the room and someone asks you the question again, you would say, "Quänts of my friends."

2. one (index finger), two (middle finger), three (ring finger), quänts (half raised pinky), four (fully raised pinky)

3. When you have three shoes and one dolphin, you have quänts shoes, and the dolphin is the quänts.

4. a.) If a flaming ball glue and feathers descends from the sky and destroys your house, your life is quänts. b.) If you have a hat, you give the hat to your friend, your friend mates it with another hat which births a baby hat, dips all three hats in chocolate, gives them back to you, and you give them to the moon as a Christmas present, your friend might say, "That was quänts." c.) I woke up this morning to find I was an oyster-god-mother. It was utterly quänts.
by Jacck Quänts December 19, 2010