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A algebraic equation useful for determining the youngest age-cutoff a female may be before the guy dates her. Let X equal the male's age ( Or female, if she's older.), while Y will represent the youngest age of a female a guy may date.

Next, identify the male's age and replace "X" with it. Suppose Jim was 15. We write it like this:


Now, the Order of Operations principal applies here! Divide one by the two to get one half, and then find half of fifteen. Don't forget to keep the seven; It would be disgusting if Jim dated a 7.5 year old!


Add the number, matching up the place value carefully, and there you have it; Jim may date a 14.5 year old girl if he went for younger women.
If you are shit at math and/ or the 1/2X+7 Rule, here's a table for you, you lazy fucktards.

Male: Female:

15 14.5
16 15
17 15.5
18 16
19 16.5
20 17

Etc... So on, and so on. The coefficient is 1/2, while the constant is 7.
by JabbaTiure May 23, 2010
1. A person not yet a resident of an institution/ household but instead a "lurker;" Someone who is a temporary arrival.

2. A person that uses a feature on ROBLOX to either:

A. Try out Roblox as a completely benign player (Rare)

B. Act as a noob and delete people's creations as well as Teamkilling ("Friendly fire")

The latter is the reason why a good proportion of Roblox's elitists wish to restrict or even remove the Guest feature altogether.
1. Man1: Damn those fuckers! They took my tea again without asking!

Man2: Those guests must leave if they don't act politely.

2. NoobOnRoblox: Cumz onz! Fux y@ur cr3@ation! -Deletes many things like hell-

ProperUser: F*** you! -Reports using the Roblox Report feature which rarely works on guests as they are temorary "accounts"-
by JabbaTiure August 10, 2009
A retarded, nooby way of saying "I am the best" by inserting unnecessary characters and raping the the Proper English language. Most likely found in chatrooms where roleplaying is concerned, though forums, portals, and even actual written documents are starting to become victims of leet-chat.
n00bl3t: i r t3h pwnz0r!!!11111!!!!!1.....!!!!!111111

Elite: Shut the fucking hell up, fucker! You are melting my damn eyeballs by typing it one hundred times!
by JabbaTiure June 19, 2010
A socio-mental illness that manifests as "politcal swinging" from the Left to the Right, or vice versa. Usually caused by a lack of confidence in a politcal leader.
So-CalledLiberal: "Fuck! Obama's policies were nothing what I imagined!"

Rush Limbaugh: "Careful, Democrat. You're experiencing Bipolitical Disorder. Take a week off.
by JabbaTiure February 23, 2010
A radio station in the Greater Houston area which opens weekday mornings with a retarded "Rollcall Yall" portion on the Matt Hadder Show before the good stuff (( R&B )) gets a chance to come on. Avoid it if you find the Rollcall song annoying; Go to it if you like R&B in the afternoon
Matt Hadder: "It's da roll call yall! It's the roll call yall! A B C D E F G. H I J K L-M-N-O-P. Q R S, and T U V. W X, and Y and Z. Next time won't you sing with me at 6:40.

Me: -Screaming at the radio- Shut the fucking hell up! I hate you, "97.9 The Box!"
by JabbaTiure December 05, 2009

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