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2 definitions by JOB1andahalf

When a woman claims a man without him seeking to be in a relationship. This is mostly to prevent him from getting other women in the hopes that he'll come back to the cock squatter in desperation.
I slept with her one time, wtf?
look out holmes, she's trying to cock squat!

cock squatting what a bitch
by JOB1andahalf August 19, 2011
Cock Squatting is the act of claiming a penis when it doesn’t belong to you. This is similar to how a dog marks its territory, by urinating on shrubbery. Some women after a one night stand believe the penetrating penis belongs to them, and will prevent other women from catching a ride. This type woman is also known to facebook stalk. Use caution when dealing with these creatures.
To cock squat.
To claim someone else's property.
also written as cock squat'n.
Tommy B: Yo playa, I heard you and Jenny were getting serious.

Playa: Hell no B, she just cock squatting. Now she scare'n all the other honeys off. Fuck that crazy bitch.
by JOB1andahalf August 19, 2011